Anchoring to Concrete Just Got Easier!

SDS+ Wedge Anchor Setting Tool

  • Reduce Installation Time
  • Forged in 4340 high-strength carbon steel
  • Heat treated for durability
  • Eliminates time spent on damaged anchors
  • No more setting anchors while on your knees
  • Eliminates fatigue, your drill does all the work
  • For use with all brands of SDS+ rotary hammer drills

Yes, the 3/8" driver fits inside unistrut!

No More Hammer, No More Ratchet

How It Works

  1. Drill your penetration to the required depth and follow anchor manufacturers recommendations for hole preparation
  2. Remove drill bit and replace with Anchor Dog driver
  3. Set rotary hammer to the hammer only setting
  4. When anchoring to a floor, drop wedge anchor into holes. When anchoring to a wall or ceiling anchors can be loaded into the driver
  5. Make sure anchor nut is spun down just below anchor shaft so driver makes contact with the shaft and not the nut
  6. Drive in wedge anchor
  7. Switch rotary hammer to drill or hammer drill. (Make sure your drill has an Integral Clutch)
  8. Tighten wedge anchor
  9. Use torque wrench to insure wedge anchors are torqued to manufacturers specifications

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No Hammer Drill Is Complete Without An Anchor Dog!



We've Got You Covered!

Full One Year Warranty

All Anchor Dog Drivers are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. VTC Building Systems will, at its option, either repair or replace any Anchor Dog Driver that we find defective upon our inspection. All Drivers involved in warranty requests must be returned to our place of business with a dated copy of the sales receipt or purchase order, postage or freight prepaid. The foregoing obligation is VTC Building System's sole liability and the purchaser's sole remedy under this warranty. Under no circumstances shall VTC Building Systems be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages.

NOTE: Please contact VTC Building Systems through our contact form here for return information. All warranty considerations will be returned to the customer freight prepaid. All non-warranty repairs will returned to the customer with applicable charges and freight collect.

Anchor Dog Truck on Worksite