The quick and safe way to set wedge anchors
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Anchor Dog SDS+ Wedge Anchor Setting Tool



9/16" Driver Now 
Fits Inside Unistrut! 

Anchor Dog Works So Much Better Than A Hammer & Ratchet
  • Available for 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" Wedge Anchors
  • For use with all brands of SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drills with chipping function 
  • Forged in high strength tool steel and heat treated for durability 
  • Pays for itself by reducing installation time and eliminating time spent on damaged anchors
  • Set anchors from a more comfortable position 
  • Eliminates fatigue, your drill does all the work
  • Made in America
  • Full One Year Warranty!
No More Hammering Wedge Anchors!
Pays For Itself!
VTC Construction Crew
As a contractor I am always looking for a quicker and safer way to get the job done. In our line of work we build precast concrete structures and use wedge anchors on a daily basis. It is important that these anchors are set properly and meet the inspectors expectations. Before I developed this product I was constantly having trouble with damaged wedge anchors which is a costly and time consuming problem. The Anchor Dog Driver ends this problem.

When setting a wedge anchor you only get one shot and it has to be done right. The conventional way of setting wedge anchors with a hammer and ratchet is time consuming and you always have the potential of damaging the nuts, ruining the threads or bending over the anchor. The Anchor Dog Driver allows you to drive the wedge anchor in and tighten the nut with the same tool. It also will protect the nut and threads in the process, insuring a perfect set every time.

The Anchor Dog Driver will reduce the risk of injury in the field. You no longer need to swing a hammer or use a ratchet or wrench in tight areas. When setting wedge anchors into a floor you no longer have to crawl on your hands and knees. Anchors can now be set from a standing position. When setting anchors from a ladder or overhead all you need to carry is your drill, drill bit, anchors and the Anchor Dog Driver. In short, you will be achieving an ideal set, safer in less than half the amount of time.

To see the Anchor Dog Wedge Anchor Setting Tool on a Job Site, click here > Wedge Anchor Setting Tool. If you have questions about the Anchor Dog Driver, click here to contact us or check out our Frequently Asked Questions.


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