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Anchor Dog Tool Reviews

"Thanks for the prompt phone call return today! After ordering your Anchor dog set tools and using the 5/8"and 3/4" I have to say, they deserve a "where have you been all my life!!" They made light work of 6" and 7" anchors!”
October 3, 2018 - Adam and Jack, Horsky Construction - Pennsylvania

"The Anchor Dog is AMAZING. The tool literally saved us 3 hours on our first job. I will be buying some other sizes soon.”
March 21, 2018 - James Martinez, President, Process Fabrication Inc. - Arizona

"Both of my guys that were using them in the field loved them, said they are better than any other driver they have used and they are both 30 year veterans of the trade so that’s a pretty good review.”
March 14, 2018 - Nate Osmond, Director of Purchasing, Broadway Mechanical-Contractors, Inc. - California

"We have finally gotten a chance to use the anchor dog, and our crew members are very pleased. Saves time and effort and carrying around a hammer.”
February 28, 2018 - Joey Green, Crew Superintendent, Aeration Works - Missouri

"I have been using the Anchor Dog tool for the past couple of years, I found out about Anchor Dog when I was researching drivers for Concrete Anchors. We install a lot of 3/4 x 8 1/2 inch red head anchors for our Foundation Repair Brackets when we install Helical Piers for Foundation Stabilization. One of our Brackets uses 10 anchors to mount to foundation walls. We were using either sledge hammers and or small mallets to drive the anchors into the wall. With the Anchor dog 3/4 inch driver with the 1 1/8 inch attached socket, it has made installing the anchors that we use a much simpler operation. After drilling the holes for the anchor and inserting the anchor into the first part of the hole we then apply the anchor dog tool and using a Hammer Drill we drive the anchor into the wall. Once we set the anchors we simply switch the Hammer Drill and screw the nut of the anchor and set it tight to the Foundation Bracket.

The Anchor Dog Tool not only saves time but it also keeps us from mashing the end of the anchor when using sledge hammers.

We did have a problem with the way that the nuts used to hold the spring on the shaft of the tool would come loose after hard use, however after calling the Anchor Dog Tool Company and explaining what was happening, they made things right by sending a set of new nuts that self lock on the shaft. This seems to have solved the problem.

We look forward to using the Anchor Dog Tool for many years in our Helical Pier business.

Thank you for a wonderful tool."

Bradley Johnson, Owner, Techno Metal Post of Boulder Valley - Colorado

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