Anchor Dog Tool Reviews

Just a few reviews from satisfied customers using the Anchor Dog SDS+ WEDGE ANCHOR SETTING TOOL

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Contra Costa Electric


Love the tools, I have purchased quite a few of these over the last couple months and the guys all rave about them.

Kone Elevator


Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product. Not sure if I told you before, I work as an elevator mechanic here in British Columbia Canada. Typically in an elevator shift we set hundreds of 5/8 anchor bolts. Anchor Dog sure helped. Anyways, during my last safety audit, I showed them the tool. I believe they would like "All" of out construction crews to have them as part of our tool kit. Just wanted to give you a heads up. I think one of our top guys is putting an order for a set to evaluate.

Bradley Johnson
Owner, Techno Metal Post of Boulder Valley


Thank you for a wonderful tool.

Adam and Jack
Horsky Construction


Thanks for the prompt phone call return today! After ordering your Anchor dog set tools and using the 5/8"and 3/4" I have to say, they deserve a "where have you been all my life!!" They made light work of 6" and 7" anchors!

James Martinez
President, Process Fabrication Inc.


The Anchor Dog is AMAZING. The tool literally saved us 3 hours on our first job. I will be buying some other sizes soon.

Joey Green
Crew Superintendent, Aeration Works


We have finally gotten a chance to use the anchor dog, and our crew members are very pleased. Saves time and effort and carrying around a hammer.

Anchor Dog Tool - SDS+ Wedge Anchor Setting Tool 
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