Anchor Dog Driver Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use this product on my job site?

The Anchor Dog Driver will save time and effort which allows wedge anchors to be set faster and the user can set more before becoming fatigued. The driver is easy to use and sets anchors without damaging them which eliminates the very time consuming process of repairing them or setting new anchors next to the ones that can't be repaired.

As contractors we are in this to make money and time is money.

Will my Rotary Hammer drill have the power to drive in Wedge Anchors with this tool?

Our crews use the Bosch Bull Dog Extreme 1 1/8" Rotary Hammer with 2.4 lbs. of impact energy which works with all drivers.  When we are setting large quantities of 5/8" and 3/4" anchors we prefer the larger 1 1/4" Rotary Hammer which sets them faster and applies more torque to the nut. If your drill has trouble hammering in anchors, check your drill for wear and the hole for dust or debris.

Why is it important that my Rotary Hammer Drill has a Integral Clutch?

There are 2 reasons, first is safety as it helps minimize torque reaction that prevents the drill from spinning out of your hands as the anchor engages. Second it helps to prevent over torqueing.

How do I know what size driver to use?

Luckily all major manufactures of wedge anchors have the same size nut that corresponds to to the anchor shaft size. 3/8" wedge anchors have a 9/16" nut, 1/2" anchors have a 3/4" nut, 5/8 anchors have a 15/16" nut and 3/4" anchors have 1 1/8" nuts.

Anchor Dog SDS+ Wedge Anchor Setting Tool Available in 4 Sizes
Anchor Dog SDS+ Wedge Anchor Setting Tool