How It Works

Using your Anchor Dog Driver

  1. Drill your penetration to the required depth and follow anchor manufacturers recommendations for hole preparation
  2. Remove drill bit and replace with Anchor Dog driver
  3. Set rotary hammer to the hammer only setting
  4. When anchoring to a floor, drop wedge anchor into holes. When anchoring to a wall or ceiling anchors can be loaded into the driver
  5. Make sure anchor nut is spun down just below anchor shaft so driver makes contact with the shaft and not the nut
  6. Drive in wedge anchor
  7. Switch rotary hammer to drill or hammer drill. (Make sure your drill has an Integral Clutch)
  8. Tighten wedge anchor
  9. Use torque wrench to insure wedge anchors are torqued to manufacturers specifications

Anchor Dog Wedge Anchor Setting Tool